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  • Power Protection for Voice over IP, and other New, Mission-critical Network Applications
  • Supporting Blade Server Installations
  BladeServersSupport.pdf N.A.
  • Optimizing Power Monitoring in High-Density Environments
  PowerMonitoring.pdf N.A.
  • Managing harmonics to protect life and investment
    by Shri Karve
    Feb 2006
    Published in ZeroDownTime by Data Centre Dynamics
  harmonics_en.pdf N.A.
  • Impact of Blade Servers on Data Centres
    by Shri Karve
    Dec 2005
    Published in Worldwide Independent Power
  blade_en.pdf N.A.
  • UPS-Genset Compatibility
    by Serge Bernard
    Nov 2005
  genset_en.pdf genset_fr.pdf
  • Contingency planning evolution
    by Shri Karve
    Feb 2005
    Published in Worldwide Independent Power
  contingency.pdf N.A.
  • Static or rotary ? – That is the question
    by Shri Karve
    Feb 2005
  static.pdf N.A.
  • Power Protection for Voice over IP, and other New, Mission-critical Network Applications
    by Patrick Brouhon
    Updated Nov 2004
  mge_voip.pdf mge_voip_fr.pdf
  • Total Cost of Ownership for Real World Power Protection Infrastructure
    August 2004
  tco.pdf N.A.
  • Finding the best route to 'Nines'
    by Shri Karve
    January 2004
  ninesreprint.pdf N.A.
  • Critical power for broadcasting applications
    by Alan Katz
    January 2004
  broadcast.pdf N.A.
  • New York, Toronto, London, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Geneva, Rome... Are you next for a blackout?
    by Jean-François Christin
    October 2003
  mge0444ukiblackout.pdf mge0444friblackout.pdf
  • UPS Web-Pack and XML Web-Card Security
    by Jerome Lecuivre and Laurent Coussediere
    February 2002
  Web-Pack Securityy.pdf N.A.
  • The Internet Unplugged
    Understanding and Avoiding the Power Shortage Crisis
    by Alan Katz
    July 2001
  unplug.doc N.A.
  • Continuous innovation to satisfy customer needs
    December 2000
  MGE0247e MGE0247f
  • THM filtering and the management of harmonics upstream of UPS
    February 2000
  MGE0246e MGE0246f
  • Compensation of harmonic currents generated by computers utilizing an innovative active harmonic conditioner
    January 2000
  MGE0128e MGE0128 f
  • Galaxy 3000 sixpack components and new cooling system
    January 2000
  MGE0249e MGE0249f
  • UPS topologies and standards
    November 1999
  MGE0248e MGE0248f
  • Architecture of a Simplified Concept for Energy and Technical Environment : ASCETE
    September 1998
  Us1 N.A.
  • UPS Power Management Using Win98
    and USB
    August 1998
  Us2 N.A.
  • Using of IGBT in UPS
    June 1998
  MGE0123e MGE0123f
  • Second generation of high power active harmonic conditioner based on the current injection principle
    June 1998
  MGE0121e MGE0121f
  • Build UPS protection into your network to make it failproof
    August 1996
  US3 N.A.

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