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Power Protection for the individual user.

Applications: Consumer Electronics, PCs, Printers, Home Theater.

MGE Office Protection Systems's Eclipse surge suppressors offer the best price/performance ratio for Home Office / Small Office users looking for a convenient way to combine multiple receptacles and excellent surge suppression capabilities.
These 3 Eclipse models have been designed to meet any needs at home or in the office, from the simple Eclipse Personal to the complete Eclipse ProTel that boasts 8 spaced receptacles, fax/modem protection and MGE Office Protection Systems's unique flat rotating plug in a compact package.
Eclipse is the perfect choice for PC's, VCR's, home theaters or any other sensitive equipment that requires surge protection.

Select your Eclipse

  • Eclipse Personal for home appliances or home/office PC use.
  • Eclipse Pro for professional use including networked PCs, servers & business equipment.
  • Eclipse ProTel provides a fax/modem protector in addition to all the features of Eclipse Pro.